No Man’s Sky Satisfying or Not

No Man’s Sky was purported to be sort of an emotional wonderous amazing endless journey of exploration and discovery where you would truly feel as though you were part of something bigger. The key word there is feel technically isn’t a feeling also they promised a lot of things that aren’t there which is kind of bullshit.

I could go into a big list about how they claim that was actually going to be physical star systems that powered the day and night cycles on planets instead of those stupid lightboxes we could talk about the big fleets of ships that were supposed to exist how you could destroy space stations on land on asteroids and how all of your ships were supposed to be really really different from each other and have different functions and look different and act different and fly different hell they could even do things like put rings around planets and don’t even get me started on the crafting but i’m not going to get super deep into detail about those things because people know they’ve created a record of things that have been promised to them that Hello games failed to deliver.


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So what happened I want to say something for the first few hours I played No Man’s Sky and really liked it i tweeted about it I thought this is really cool but as time passed I realize it was still doing the same thing from those first few hours. It started to feel more and more like this game was not the exploratory orgasm I was promised and yes I know I’m exaggerating but i realized i was playing a survival game and not even like a really good survival game. A decent survival game set in a really cool-looking universe and as much as there is to complain about No Man’s Sky yes the world is really cool i like the universe of No Man’s Sky like a lot of No Man’s Sky but I also know that it’s not what they said it was going to be and what they said it was going to be was the thing that I really wanted from it and I got a little bit of what I wanted what I wanted turned out to be very limited.
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The simulation elements they said they were going to include aren’t there planets are static traders are static the day-night cycle it happens because of light boxes you know those stupid stupid lightboxes. Oh how dumb the light boxes are who would do that. Certainly not someone who is making an infinite universe simulator so yeah a lot of promises were broken but what else contributed to the image that we all had in our heads that No Man’s Sky was going to be that it turned out not to. The marketing certainly was aimed at making us think this was a triple A game well this is an indie game it’s not a triple again this was made by a small team of people Hello Games is a team of 15. Now if you remember Destiny went through a similar thing but destiny was actually created by the people who made Halo. Bungie has around 750 employees and expectations that technically were a little bit lower than what we expected out for No Man’s Sky weren’t met by Destiny but this isn’t really a situation of fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me.

New Technology And Research In Civilization 6

You need to know a lot more about the flushed out civics for access moved some of the stuff that you would technically do in a research technology tree to their own new system because honestly it makes more sense. You are now dealing with essentially to research trees one for traditional technology to develop the other four more civic-minded research and developments. This is where you research categories that improves stuff that influences happiness and arts and humanities and structure of government and then even helps you advance in deeper government system stuff like chivalry, traditions and culture, workforce, education and even theological stuff. The civics interconnect in different ways and give you different benefits and bonuses and draw from different resources but this new edition makes you feel busier than ever. There’s always something going on and a lot of it.


Something I definitely think you need to know is that Civilization 6 is good. I got to play it for a few hours at a hands-on and I got a hundred and fifty turns with the game. Everything flows nicer and every system seems more tied into one another. More stuff truly has an impact on other stuff within the systems and I think that has a lot to do with the new civic system that i already talked about. Combined with government systems with how you dictate policies and government types and I notice the surface level stuff but the new leaders are a ton of fun to look at. It it’s really cool seeing Teddy Roosevelt and Queen Victoria from England just be completely alive and expressive and it’s awesome to piss them off too and a diplomatic stuff especially the spy stuff is really flushed out and adds a whole new layer.


In terms of visuals the fog of war isn’t just visualize clouds and actual fog anymore. Now looks more like a map, places that you haven’t been to that would be obscured by fog of war now look like parchment paper on a game of thrones the old style map. The game has more detailed and I think people have caught on to and the colors are an improvement have seen fans complained about the graphical changes. But ultimately, I like it and i think there’s a lot more going on here. Everything looks exciting. There’s more transitions, building effects and different little cutscene type of things. It seems like for access is really learn from some of the problems with Civ 5 and use the improvements that they didn’t make any expansion is kind of a launching point. There are some other things including to other systems that add even more layers to the game that unfortunately I can’t talk about yet but I got to say civilization 6 definitely looks promising.

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Villains That Lives On In The Video Games

Some would have you believe that a video game is nothing without a fleshed-out hero to root for but really what a good hero be without an antagonistic opposite to give them something to save the world from in this installment we celebrate video gaming’s greatest villains the men, women, and monsters that stand in our way from accomplishing our many goals and missions. These are not just some lackeys sent to do the bidding of another these are the real deal. The big guns that wait at the end of every great adventure waiting to destroy us once and for all.



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The Lord of terror has been a thorn in the side of the small village of Tristram since 1996 and is unrelenting nature’s has made him one of gaming’s greatest adversaries over three successful titles like many villains of the nineteen nineties Diablo remains hidden for a good portion of his titular games instead allowing his minions to do gruesome bidding as he seeks to corrupt the mortal world. He has mentioned plenty through each game but it isn’t until that final few moments where he does make his appearance. The growing tension that mounts throughout the game results in a fantastic final payoff that has been lost in more modern titles which but the main villain in the spotlight throughout the bulk of the game.



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Throughout Dragons Dogma is expensive narrative there were many a bad guy to have to hunt down and slay from the three-headed hydra, two towering ogres, the lands of Gransys play host to some splendidly devious creatures. None as notorious as Grigori the dragon that is responsible for the events and the creation of a new Arisen at the top of the story. Grigori had terrorized Gransys once before though his fabled defeat at the hands of Edmun Dragonsbane was a lie to cover up that Edmund bargain with the beast offering his beloved  Aelinore in exchange for a period of peace and power. There’s only proved a temporary pact as the great dragon returned to wreak havoc once again with over 100,000 hit points and twenty different attacks. Gregori proves to be a worthy challenge even for the most seasoned gamers.



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The Mass Effect series is filled with adversaries and villains but none comes across as more sinister and memorable as Saren arteries at Urban specter that serves as Commander Shepard’s both throughout the original Mass Effect. Though Saren had been sworn to protect the innocent colonies of the galaxy as a specter he has seen slaughtering anybody that gets in his way seemed to help pave the way for Mass Effects truest threat the Reapers. Initially Sarens ought to stop the Reaper invasion allied with them to show organic life is worth keeping alive but the use of subliminal messages used by the Reapers turned him into one of their most valuable agents. Even prior to the events of Mass Effect, Sarin was known to utilize torture and kill anyone that got in the way of his mission. Ruthless and unrelenting sarin proved to be a worthy foe for the newly assigned specter Commander Shepard.

Video Games You Have Not Try To Play

The Getaway games were a series have open-world action adventure titles based on gang in police life in the City of London. This third installment was originally planned for release on the PlayStation 3 and had been gaining a lot of hype after gameplay elements were shown to the public in the mid 2000’s. Sadly development on the Getaway 3 was canceled in 2008 in order for the studio to concentrate on other projects. First officially revealed that the Getway 3 back in 2005 City of the Metronome promised a truly original gaming experience. This third-person action-adventure involved the protagonist using pre-recorded sounds in order to defeat the monstrous creatures that works within the game’s steampunk ask setting. Sadly it was city of the metronomes uniqueness the contributed to its downfall at the time publishers just weren’t willing to take a risk on an unconventional game from a new developer. City of the Metronome has remained in limbo ever since.





Moving a game series famous for being a real time strategy mainstay into first-person shooter territory can be tricky this certainly proved to be the case when EA Los Angeles began working on Tiberium. A squad based first-person shooter set in the command and conquer universe. Powered by Unreal Engine 3 the player took on the role of retired GDI Commando forced back into action. After two years in development EA cancel Tiberium in late 2008 as it didn’t meet their quality standards.





Making a video game based on everyone’s favorite mildly psychotic detective may sound like a great idea but in the end it just wasn’t meant to be. Dirty Harry was a third person action shooter game in which players took on the role of Clint Eastwood’s Inspector Harry Callahan intended for a multi-platform release in late 2007. Dirty Harry was canceled in March that year as publishers Warner Brothers were unsatisfied with the quality of what had been produced so far. A shame as the game was said to have Hollywood a-listers ready to lend their vocal talents and even contain moral choice mechanics.




Irrational Games the company behind the amazing Bioshock series started work in 2005 on a cooperative first-person shooters zombie game. Essentially Division 9 was left for dead only years earlier mix together with strategic base building mechanics. Well could have been an amazing title got cancelled when the company was taken over by TakeTwo and all production efforts were refocused on the first Bioshock game.

First announced way back in 2005 The Outsider was to be in open-world action stealth game from elite creator David Braven in promised in unprecedented level freedom a complex morality system an advanced facial animation system. The game was in development for almost five years before being dropped by publishers Codemasters after company restructuring. EA showed interest in buying the almost complete game in turning into a Jason Bourne title but this came to nothing, Braven been recently stated that The outsiders probably gone for good.


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Very Expensive Video Games Being Created


Rockstars Western epic had an estimated development budget around one hundred million dollars with over 800 people working on the game at once. The workload was sold daunting than a lot of these developers were brought in from other studios also owned by parent company Rockstar. Red Dead Redemption also had an extensive marketing campaign which included a short film airing on fox. The expenditure needed to make Max Payne 3 was mostly due to the fact that the game was in development for multiple years past its original 2009 release date.





When the game was finally released in May 2012 Rockstar claim the setbacks for to insure that Max Payne 3 delivers the highest-quality. Max Payne 3’s release included TV spots that aired during the 2012 UEFA championship final and numerous social media promotions. Its development cost was around $105 million dollars.


Similarly to humans predicted cost to over 100 million dollars is mainly because the game was stuck in development for almost a decade. Originally planned for release on the PlayStation Silicon Knights then shifted development to the Nintendo GameCube before finally selling the title to Microsoft as an Xbox 360 exclusive in 2005.

The studio lost more money on the game after a lawsuit from Epic Games following unauthorized use of their own real engine on which to human was developed. Rockstar North really pushed the boat out with GTA 4 with one of the biggest marketing campaigns ever conceived for a game. Reportedly costing $100 million dollars in addition to another 100 million for development costs. The official website had 13 unique teasers in four different cinematic trailers alongside a TV commercial viral marketing and more generic advertising up.






Shenmue estimated production cost adjusted for inflation is a staggering 176 million dollars. This is primarily because Shenmue 2 is a gigantic game with the massive open world, arguably the largest in its generation.




A huge staff would be required to create such a large game in just under two years. It’s unlikely that any of the budget went into marketing costs as the game had little to no publicity behind it. It said that Bioware’s development of their MMO Star Wars The Old Republic started six years before the game finally released. In 2009 Bioware claimed that their project had more story content than all their other games combined which is why they had a full-time writing staff reading the script in lower a full three years before gameplay development began. The costs have making it are said to be around two hundred million dollars.





Squares initial foray into 3d technology with the Final Fantasy franchise required a 120 programmers and artists to develop making it the most expensive video game ever developed at the time however Final Fantasy sevens development costs were considerably small in comparison to the cash spent on the games huge advertising campaign. This included a promotion with pepsi ads in big magazines such as Rolling Stone and Playboy as well as Marvel and DC Comics and multiple TV adverts. Adjusted for inflation square spin around 213 million dollars on Final Fantasy sevens development and marketing.






After the universal critical acclaim the Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare received it’s no surprise that Infinity Ward wanted to go big in their marketing campaign for the sequel. Nearly two hundred million dollars was spent on the games berries publicity materials in addition to the cost of development which was between forty and fifty million dollars. While GTA 4 cost Rockstar a hefty sum to advertise and develop this didn’t deter them from going even further in the game sequel.



GTA 5 which cost a reported $265 million dollars needed over 1,000 Rockstar employees from around the world work on the game for a number of years. Los Santos’s detailed resemblance in Los Angeles and the games huge open-world scaler said to be why the project needed so much work. The gaming world was shocked last year when it was revealed that Activision had paid half a billion dollars for bodies first-person shooter Destiny however to see the game cost $500 million dollars to develop in advertises not strictly true there’s an ongoing plan to create content for the game and marketed throughout the next 10 years. While destiny is technically along-term investment for Activision it’s also technically the most expensive video game ever produced.

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Save Energy While Boosting Your Profit In Your Business

Most companies today are looking for business practice and method while they continually finding ways to boost their revenue and minimize their use of energy. However, according to the experts of this field energy preservation should be the primary concern of companies’ endeavors. In a worldwide economy along with climate changes and environmental pressures are soaring as one their priorities, companies are experiencing under pressure to manage monthly financial budgets, and safety needs, quality and energy conservation.

Energy saving, naturally, provides the same benefits of helping to minimize costs promote efficacy and lessen the production of carbon footprint. Experts currently embrace the concept of Six Sigma to help illustrate how companies might boost their energy profile. Six sigma is a technique primarily utilized by Motorola to enhance their business endeavors. It comprises searching and eliminating the sources of defects and flaws utilizing ideal management and evaluation. Right now, plenty of business companies in diverse sectors apply Six Sigma to enhance their average goal to a higher level.


The experts tried their method on the facility of a power plant with the aim of saving and conserving energy rather than just increasing profits. They stated that demineralized water in these plants is one of the costly needed materials. It was discovered that 0.1 percent boost in DM is involve with consumption of water elevates the production cost by almost 0.2 million dollar each year. Demineralized water, on the other hand is vital to quality and so its implementation cannot be avoid.


Project proposition from a Six Sigma findings shows that the overall costs of utilizing demineralized water could be cut considerably. The findings show to discovering and fixing of errors along with steam and water analysis system, vacuum pump overflow, problem valves, and other concerns. The experts reveal that the energy savings are similar to a yearly cost of more than three quarters of million dollars each year.

Computer Science And Artifical Intelligence

The service industry or any of other markets, possibilities are that your occupation is in the midst of an extraordinary algorithm-driven standard time. In one area we often considered safe from computerization is creativity yet maybe even artists will soon must compete with computers. The tech industry has long been possessed with the concern of whether a machine can generate an original thinking. Nowadays, several people are familiar with Alan Turing’s test of artificial intelligence, in which a computer aims to deceive an individual topic into feeling that she is talking to a person. But an increasing variety of computer scientists think we should rather focus on what they term the Lovelace Test: a variant in which a computer is inquired to verify its intelligence by coming up with an unplanned creative idea, one its developer does not program.


A company in south London called Epagogix is fine-tuning a neural network a huge artificial brain that can aid Hollywood predict hit films by evaluating manuscripts using countless metrics. It can also encourage how to change a script to produce the film more effective, much as an imaginative manufacturer would do. This year, Google worked with the same deep learning technology that powers Epagogix’s neural network to develop its Deep Dream project, which makes use of image recognition software to generate completely new pictures. Other tech specialists are similarly using formulas to compose novels and generate music.

There are constantly going to be younger human performers willing to work inexpensively to create new art without a Google or IBM having to spend years and millions of dollars first. Yet creative machines can and will enrich human life. Computers have been used for years to help design drugs; now robot scientists” are developing new theories and testing them. In engineering, computers that simulate evolutionary processes called genetic algorithms can come up with patentable concepts that seem unproductive but work much better than a lot of the designs produced by human developers.

As is constantly the case with innovation, we have to get a method to take the positives while lessening the negatives. Will tomorrow’s performers be an army of robots? Perhaps not, yet if there’s one point the history of computer science and artificial intelligence has shown, it’s that betting from devices is never smart.